Church of the Resurrection

Transformation Intensive Curriculum

We are excited to offer the full span of our Transformation Intensive curriculum here on our website. It is organized by "movements," which are the stages of prayer that are progressed through over the year.

In each week of prayer within the movements, various prayer resources and articles are referred to. These can be found through the following links:


Movement 1

Discernment and Decision Making Module

Movement 2

Movements 3 & 4

Prayer Resources



To listen to each week's recorded teachings, you can subscribe to the podcast or click the following links. You will find links to the powerpoints that are referenced and any videos available on the internet within the recording details. 


Movement 1

Week 1: God's Love in my Life Story

Week 2: God's Love in my Life Story, Part 2

Week 3: Loving Nature and Loving the Creator

Week 4: Praying with our Desires

Week 5: Sin in the World

Week 6: Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Week 7: Noticing Patterns of Sin

Week 8: Healing and Forgiveness

Week 9: The Call of the King

Movement 2

Week 10: Responding to Jesus' Call

Week 11: The Incarnation and Birth of Jesus

Discernment Workshop

Discernment and Decision Making, Pt 1

Discernment and Decision Making, Pt 2

Movement 2

Week 12: Jesus' Hidden Years (recording from 2018)

Week 13-14: Jesus' Baptism and Temptation in the Wilderness

Week 15: Invitation to Humility

Week 16: Jesus Calls Us to Follow Him

Week 17: Jesus Heals

*the week 18 materials were incorporated into week 19

Week 19: Jesus Light, Water, Life

Week 20: The Grace to See

Movement 3

Week 21: Jesus Begins his Passion

Week 22: Staying with Jesus

Week 23: Jesus Dies for Us

Week 24: Entering the Joy of Christ (no recording available)

Week 25: Nourishment for Mission

Week 26: Responding to the Love of Christ