Church of the Resurrection

Good Friday Gift History

The Church throughout the centuries has chosen Good Friday as the day to present a special offering to God as a sacrifice of praise. Resurrection's Good Friday gift journey began in 2002, and since then we've given to ministries on three different continents, including Cambodia, Brazil, Haiti, Rwanda, and many more.

2018: Young Adult Ministry, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 


2017: Refugees in the Middle East


2016: Project Khmer Hope and St. Paul's Theological Fund in Cambodia


2015: The Diocese of Jos: Orphans and Leadership Development


2014: The Church of Christ our Peace in Cambodia


2013: The Kehinde House in Jos, Nigeria


2012: Wycliffe Bible Translation in the Central African Republic


2011: The Resurrection Clinic and Nursery & Primary School in Jos, Nigeria


2010: World Relief Haiti: Hurricane Recovery Fund


2009: The Garden of Hope in Thailand


2008: The Christian Institute of Jos, Nigeria


2007: Project Amazon- Chadash Youth Center


2006: Kunhar Christian Hospital, Pakistan


2005: Kigali Anglican Theological College, Rwanda


2004: Sonrise Orphanage, Uganda


Better Brazil


2003: Diocese of Jos


2002: God's Own School in Nigeria