Church of the Resurrection

Praying to End Abortion

Praying to End Abortion

The Sanctity of Life team encourages all members of Church of the Resurrection to commit to praying outside an abortion facility at least one time a year.  If this is your first time, the following information will give you some idea of what to expect.

The Sanctity of Life team meets on Saturday mornings for prayer from 8-9 am in the grassy area directly across from the AAnchor abortion facility’s main entrance at 1186 Roosevelt Road.  In addition, people from other area churches gather to pray on Wednesday mornings at 8 am when abortions also take place.  Please note that AAnchor will prosecute for trespassing anyone who crosses the parking lot onto their private property; therefore we meet only on public property.  Thank you for your commitment to praying for the unborn and couples in crisis pregnancies!


  •             What you can do at an abortion facility
  •             Bringing children
  •             Weather conditions
  •             Parking

What you can do at an abortion facility

1. Pray

When praying at an abortion facility, you are asking the Holy Spirit to help people seek life-giving alternatives rather than an abortion for their child. We know that Jesus hears our prayers and works miracles beyond what we could hope to accomplish on our own. Also, couples have testified that they have decided not to have an abortion when they have seen people outside praying, as Christ uses the intercessors’ presence to remind them of the seriousness of the decision they are about to make. 

2. Provide alternatives to abortion

CareNet, a crisis pregnancy center that offers alternatives to an abortion, is located right across the parking lot from the AAnchor abortion facility.  Although we are not allowed to cross AAnchor’s parking lot, sometimes the women entering the facility stop to talk to us.  Therefore we encourage you to keep CareNet brochures in your pocket.  Brochures are available at Church of the Resurrection and from members of the Sanctity of Life team.

3. Sidewalk counsel

If a couple stops to talk, you can be someone willing to listen.  Don’t worry about not knowing what to say; the Holy Spirit helps us in our need.  The simple actions of listening and informing the couple about crisis pregnancy centers such as CareNet, located across the parking lot, can help save the life of a child.  More suggestions can be found at

4. Carry signs

There are different opinions about the effectiveness of carrying signs.  People entering an abortion facility are sometimes afraid to talk to someone carrying a sign; for this reason most people praying outside AAnchor carry no signs or signs with only the phone number of a crisis pregnancy center.  You may see people from other local churches carrying signs that depict the harsh reality of an abortion.  However, the focus of volunteers who stand outside the AAnchor abortion facility is prayer rather than protest. 

Recently some sidewalk counselors from other churches have been using a megaphone to reach out to women entering AAnchor to overcome the difficulties of traffic noise on Roosevelt Road.  If you feel uncomfortable with the sound level, please feel free to move to a quieter spot to continue praying.

Occasionally you may meet vocal abortion supporters at AAnchor who are upset by our peaceful prayers and may resort to name calling and the use of profane language.  In these situations we should be especially careful that our words and actions reflect Christ’s love.

Bringing children 

We are only allowed to pray in the grassy area located on the south side of the building along Roosevelt Road.  This space is only about ten feet wide and is close to heavy traffic.  Therefore, to ensure the safety of your children, please only bring children who can be carried in baby slings or who are old enough to understand that they must keep away from the edge of the road. Children can bring books, color, or pray along with their families.

Weather conditions 

Weather in Chicago is unpredictable. It is always a good idea to bring an umbrella, extra layers of clothes, or sunscreen as needed. It is especially important to dress very warmly in winter, as it is often much colder in the morning.


We are not allowed to park in AAnchor’s parking lot. Please contact Mindy Popp at (630) 390-5736 or to find out the best places to park.

Thank you for your commitment to coming out to pray for the unborn and couples in crisis pregnancies!