Church of the Resurrection

Sunday Worship

Our RezkIds ministry year runs from September 9th - June 9th. We have full RezKids ministry (nursery, preschool, elementary) at both the 8:30am and 10:30am services.

Sunday morning is a unique experience where the Church encounters Jesus through the Word, worship, prayer, and Sacrament. Whether babies or 5th graders, children encounter Jesus on Sunday. Our children hear from the Word, sing praises, reflect on their Christian walks, and participate in Holy Communion. Each ministry (nursery, preschool, and elementary) creates an environment where children can listen and respond to the Holy Spirit.

The entire Church family gathers to commune with Christ and worship him. All children are picked up by their parents during the offertory to join their families for Eucharist.

Check-in: Children must be checked in and wearing their name tag to enter their rooms. A parent keeps the matching tag to show the room leader when they pick up their child during the offertory. Check-in is available outside of the RezKids Worship Room.

Seeds and Sprouts

Birth – 2 Years

At both services on Sunday morning, the nursery is available to children from birth to age 2. Even our littlest ones encounter Jesus through a simple time of singing worship songs and listening to a Bible story.

The nursery is divided into 2 rooms:

Seeds (for infants that are crawling)

Sprouts (for infants that are walking)

A pager system is used to contact parents when needed. The nursery room is also available to change diapers and nurse.

Saplings, Sassafras, Sycamore, and Kindergarden

2 - 6 years

At both services on Sunday morning, preschoolers encounter Jesus through activities, worship music, and a dramatic story presentation.

Preschool is broken into 4 rooms by age:

2s (Located in the Family Worship Room)
3s (Located in the north hallway, across from the 4s & 5s room)
4s & 5s (Located in the north hallway, behind the RezKids Elementary Worship Room)

Kindergarten (located in the north hallway, next to the 4s and 5s room)

2s & 3s ministry uses the TruBlessings curriculum, an engaging and active worship experience that uses activities and dynamic Storytelling to present God's Word and help young children encounter God.

4s&5s Room and Kindergarten ministry use the Young Children & Worship curriculum, a liturgical worship experience that presents the Word of God in a contemplative way, enabling children to listen to God's voice and respond to Him.


1st - 5th Grade

Elementary students gather to encounter Jesus through activities, worship, a dramatic presentation of Scripture, and small group discussion.

RezKids Elementary is led by a host, who guides and facilitates the ministry, and a shepherd for each grade. The shepherds lead the small group break out time, and develop mentoring relationships with the students through their consistency in serving each week. The Scripture lesson is told by a storyteller, who skillfully and creatively presents God's Word in a way that engages and captivates the students