Church of the Resurrection

Prayer40 FAQ

Q: Where will Prayer40 be held?

A: The Prayer40 is taking place in the All Saints Chapel. All Saints Chapel is located in the south west corner of Church of the Resurrection, behind the chancel in the sanctuary. All Saints Chapel can be accessed directly from the outside of our building, via the doors located on the south west side of the building. Please use this entrance.

Q: Why a “prayer room" and not something like a “prayer chain"?

A: A Prayer Room helps build a sense of community and ownership throughout our forty days of prayer. It also provides built-in accountability as people need to show up on time to 'pick up the baton' from the person praying before them. Having a sacred space filled with resources such as art supplies and materials to lead us in prayer creates a very conducive and creative environment to meet the Lord. As the room begins to fill with people's prayers and heart cries, it can reveal what God is doing in the lives of our community.

Q: What will happen to All Saints Chapel's layout during Prayer40?

A: You will notice changes to the chapel during Prayer40. We will be creating spaces meant to help us to pray in a variety of ways. Our room is divided into 5 categories: Welcome, Western, Worship, World, and Witness. Each section has unique ways to engage your heart in prayer.

Q: Why and how will we pray 24/7 during Prayer40?

A: First, the why: because bold, persistent prayer is effective. It changes us, then it changes the world. Jesus told stories to encourage us to "cry out day and night" (Luke 18) and to persist in prayer. Evidence of the instruction and power of persistent prayer is found throughout the Bible and Church history.

  • The tabernacle of David employed singers and musicians that worshiped the Lord night and day (1 Chronicles 15: 1-17:27).
  • Pentecost came to a prayer room (Acts 2).
  • Paul urged the Thessalonians to "pray constantly" (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).
  • The early church "joined together constantly in prayer" (Acts 1-14).
  • Celtic Monks at Bangor Abbey in Ireland prayed continually for 200 years.
  • In Clonmacnoise (near Dublin) God led a young man by the name of Ciaran to start a monastery that prayed for the best part of 1000 years and sent missionaries all over the world.
  • In the 18th century, a small community of Moravians began a 24-7 prayer meeting that lasted for over a hundred years mobilized 3000 missionaries and converted John Wesley.

Second, the how: there will be 3 major components, or slots, during Prayer40: Daily Office Prayer, RezPrayer (a time to gather and pray in a larger group around topical issues or using various models of prayer), and Prayer Slots (1-hour slots for individuals, families, or friends to intercede together). Prayer slots that occur during 9PM-7AM are called the Night Watch.

Q: What is the difference between regular Prayer Slots, and the Night Watch?

A: Prayer slots are the hour long slots that occur 24 times a day, 7 days a week. However, the times between 9PM and 7AM require higher security for our building, so the chapel will be locked off from the rest of the church, and entry must come from the outside door into All Saints. There is going to be a keycode that will allow entry, and everyone who signs up for a Night Watch time slot will be given the code. Because of this, the number of people present at night will be much less than during the day, since drop-in visitors will not be able to enter.

Q: How can people get involved in Prayer40?

A: Each Sunday during Prayer40, you can sign up for a 1 hour prayer slot at the RezConnect table, on the iPad in the prayer room, or you can sign up online. You can also attend any of the RezPrayer Gatherings, Daily Offices or just drop the prayer room during the day. Maintaining a 24/7 schedule has some significant administrative needs as well, so if you would like to be involved in that capacity, send us an email at

Q: Can I bring my spouse/children/friends to the prayer room?

A: Yes! Feel free to bring others along from your family, friends, neighbors, prayer cell, etc. When you sign up for a prayer slot, you are essentially “owning" that hour, so we can be praying continually. However, that does not mean that it must only be one person in the prayer room at a time! There is also the possibility that people will be coming to pray without signing up as they were unable to commit to an hour of prayer on the hour, or just wanted to visit. We will have resources available specifically for children and visitors.

Q: During Prayer Slots, are we expected to pray for certain topics?

A: There is no expectation that you pray for a specific list of topics. However, there will be several resources in the All Saints Chapel to serve as guides for your prayer time.

Q: Will Prayer40 affect the Daily Offices?

A: Daily Office services will be a part of Prayer40, and all our regular offices will continue normally during this period.

Q: Will we have all the needed liturgical items in the room for eucharistic prayer offices?

A: Yes. The cross, altar, sanctuary candle and tabernacle with reserved sacrament will remain central within the chapel. We will have some chairs in the room at all times, and larger numbers for eucharistic prayer offices on Sunday evening.

Q: How will we make sure the building is safe and secure at night?

A: During regular office hours and when activities are happening in the building, the door to All Saints Chapel will be open. From 9pm until 7am, the chapel will be locked, with a lockbox outside the door. Anybody scheduled to pray during the Night Watch will be given a code for the lock box in their confirmation email.

If you should need to use the restroom during your time, a portable toilet will be available for your use near the entrance to All Saints Chapel.

Q: I am not a member or regular attender of Church of the Resurrection. Can I participate?

A: Definitely. One of the main goals of Prayer40 is to see the local body of Christ join together in prayer. Even if you do not regularly attend Resurrection, feel free to sign up for a prayer slot, visit All Saints Chapel, and encourage others to come and pray.

Q: I am from a church in the area, and I am interested in participating in your prayer room. May I?

A: Please! Praying continuously takes the whole body of Christ working together, and we would love to have you pray with us. We would love to know if you are bringing a group to come and pray, so please email us at and let us know that you are coming.

Q: I would like to tell how the Lord has used Prayer40 in my life. How can I share this with Resurrection?

A: If you follow Church of the Resurrection on Facebook,Twitter, or Instagram, be sure to post on our wall or tweet at us and use the hashtag #prayer40. If you would prefer to email, send us your story at