Church of the Resurrection

Youth Confirmation

Confirmation is a sacrament whereby Christians are strengthened for their unique role in the Kingdom through the prayers and laying on of hands by the Church. In some ways, confirmation is a coming of age ceremony, where students publicly say, “YES!” to the responsibilities inherent in their baptism.

Youth Confirmation will be on Sunday, May 5th, 2018. All 8th - 12th graders who are interested in being confirmed will be invited to register. Our Confirmation process involves classes and an all-day retreat. 


What is confirmation?

Confirmation has two functions: first, those who have been baptized are given the opportunity to publicly say "Yes, and amen!" to the responsibilities of their baptism. This is especially appropriate for those who were baptized as infants whose vows were spoken on their behalf when they were too young to speak for themselves. Secondly, confirmands receive prayer through the laying on of hands by the Bishop in order that they will be strengthened in the Holy Spirit for Christian life and ministry.

Who is eligible for youth confirmation at Church of the Resurrection?

Any student 8th grade and older who has been baptized (or will be baptized on Easter). 

How do I know my child is ready?

This is a great question. The confirmation process best serves students who desire to be confirmed of their own accord—not simply because they’ve reached the appropriate age or their friends are doing it. We’re happy to have students that are on the fence go through the process as a means of figuring it out, but we want the final decision to be something they own for themselves.


  • Sunday afternoon classes, 12:00-2:00, Timothy Room: 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 4/7, 4/14, 4/28
  • Saturday all-day retreat at the Church: 5/4
  • Youth Confirmation Sunday: 5/5 (Service time TBD)

Since our time is limited, we ask that families prioritize this important time of spiritual growth by making every effort to ensure students attend all seven meetings. We allow up to two missed meetings before a conversation is required to determine whether your student is adequately prepared for confirmation. If you know in advance that s/he will miss more than two meetings, please contact Pastor Will in advance ( to discuss whether other options may be available.