Church of the Resurrection


A Testimony of Faithfulness

October 27, 2016

We are in the midst of a two-year generosity initiative called Moved by Jesus. Our primary goal during this initiative is for 100% of our church family to give in a surrendered, gospel-driven way. During these two years, we are sharing stories of transformation that have come out of our church family's commitment to giving generously for the sake of of the kingdom. Below is a story from one of our staff members, Kaitlyn Wallett.

I started attending Resurrection as a freshman at Wheaton College right as we kicked off Reach, our previous generosity initiative. I felt that this was the push I needed to commit to Resurrection as my church, and start forming consistent giving habits, building on the practice of tithing I had learned from my parents. I didn’t have much to give, since I was just working a student job on campus, but on Commitment Sunday, I truly felt like part of the family at Resurrection as I went forward to put my commitment card on the altar. I became a regular giver.

The summer before my sophomore year, I went home to Poland where my parents have been serving as missionaries my whole life. After receiving my financial aid offer for the next academic year, my parents realized that we wouldn’t be able to afford the cost of another year at Wheaton. Funds were incredibly tight for my family, especially since the 2008 recession significantly cut down our support. I was devastated at the prospect of not returning to Wheaton, and I had no other option but to pray for the Lord to provide in a miraculous way. After explaining our situation to the Financial Aid Office, I was awarded an additional loan that made it possible for me to continue studying at Wheaton. I still remember hugging my mom and dad, crying and laughing at the same time, thanking God for his provision and faithfulness. Since then I have viewed all provision as a gift from a generous and gracious God, and all of my resources as rightfully and entirely His. Giving to the church was a tangible way to express this, and I continued giving toward my Reach commitment.

When Moved by Jesus came along, I was challenged to give on a new level - to become a sacrificial giver, giving 'til it hurts. I have to admit that I’ve faced financial strain this year unlike any I've experienced before, to the point that for the last several months I’ve been uncertain about being able to pay all of my bills. I’d love to be able to share a dramatic testimony of money showing up out of nowhere, but that hasn’t really been the case. The Lord has been meeting my needs through little miracles - I’ve been able to buy groceries when I need to, and get gas for my car, and give my offering electronically each week.

I firmly believe in giving to the Lord as an act of obedience and expression of love. I also believe in supporting Resurrection, since this is my family, and I want to serve you all with my resources and abilities. I believe in Resurrection’s leaders, her people, and her vision, and see my sacrifice as a tangible expression of love for her, and through her, my love for Jesus.