Church of the Resurrection


Latest: September 2018 Vision Night

Listen to Bp. Stewart share his vision for our life and ministry together in this new season as a church.

Latest: June 2018 Annual Meeting

Read the parish letter about Pastor Dan's transition.

On Sunday 6/3 at our Annual Parish Meeting, we presented how we are governed, plans for our Moved by Jesus construction project, financial results from January–April 2018, and our July 2018-June 2019 budget. Bob Erikson and Andrew Merrick were approved as Vestry members replacing Martha McGraw and Margaret Philbrick effective August 1. Dan Easley shared that he will be resigning his role in order to better align our budget with our giving patterns.

0:00:00 - Intro
0:01:33 - Ministry Review & Preview
0:12:45 - Vestry Overview
0:17:30 - Vestry Candidate Testimonies
0:34:16 - Vestry Vote
0:35:10 - Moved by Jesus Construction
0:40:53 - Financial Review & Preview (Dan Easley Transition)
1:17:54 - Q&A

About the Vestry

What is the Vestry?

The Vestry is the ministry team responsible for aligning our resources with our vision.  The Vestry, collaborating with staff, determines the budget, makes financial decisions on behalf of the church, and supports the church through counsel and prayer. Other traditions might call this team the "church board."

How many people are on the vestry?

There are 10 members of the vestry. Staff members include Bishop Stewart and Dan Easley, the Executive Pastor of Operations and Generosity. The other members are all lay leaders: a Sr. Warden (Chair), a Jr. Warden (Assistant Chair) and 3 classes of 2 members each, each class serving a three year term.

How are members chosen?

Vestry members are nominated by the congregation in the spring. During a discernment and interview process the existing vestry determines the final slate of vestry candidates. The candidates are introduced to the congregation in May, and the congregation votes on the candidates at the annual meeting in June. Typically, four vestry members are chosen: the Sr. Warden serving a 1-year term, the Jr. Warden serving a 1-year term, and 2 members serving a 3-year term.

Who do we want?

We want people who are already lay leaders at Rez, who are deeply committed to the Rez vision, who are people of prayer, and who have a gift of wisdom for use of resources to enable the vision. Vestry members are not elders (priests are the elders in Anglican polity), but the Biblical qualifications for elders can also apply to the Vestry: temperate and self-controlled (1 Timothy 3), full of the Spirit (Acts 6), and having wisdom from above (James 3).

January 2018 Parish Vision Meeting

On Sunday 1/28 at our annual Parish Vision Meeting we presented our vision, how we are governed, our Moved by Jesus financial results, financial results from 2017, and our 2018 six-month budget.  On Sunday 2/4 we approved the Vestry membership; all members will extend their terms 6 months. We also affirmed the new six-month budget.

2016-2017 Financial Reports and Vestry Candidates

2015-2016 Financial Reports