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What People Are Saying About Alpha

August 24, 2017

Big life questions can make anyone feel vulnerable, and taking the first step to figure it out is nerve-wracking. Alpha is a place to explore those questions, but if you’re still not sure if it’s the right place for you, check out what other people are saying, below. Chances are, you’re not alone. 

(Wondering what Alpha is all about? Read our post, “What Is Alpha?” for more information.)

“A lifetime process of exploring my faith”

Before attending Alpha, I happened to be a very new Christian. I had recently moved back to the area when a friend asked if I'd like to go to her church. After enjoying the service, she recommended I try Alpha. 

The environment and people were inviting and non-threatening. The format was casual yet organized, the food provided was outstanding, and the dinner conversation was fun.

Alpha offered an opportunity to explore and talk with others like me about central topics pertinent to Christianity as well as my questions and doubts. It was an entry into what I now know will be an ongoing and lifetime process of exploring and building my faith in God as well as building my community that is connected with it. Alpha is a great first step if you are a person who is exploring whether Christianity is for you. 

 ~ Susan

“Not alone in my thoughts and questions”

Alpha was a wonderful experience! I was hesitant at first, but felt very comfortable and welcomed by the group. I really enjoyed the format and the video and topic to focus on each week. The narrative of the video was more educational and thought provoking than "preachy" (which is what I expected).

What I loved the most about Alpha was that I was able to ask questions, discuss my apprehension and, at times, skepticism, and the group responded in a way that made me feel I was not alone in my thoughts and my questions. I plan to go through Alpha again and look forward to what I will gain my next time through.

~ Christine Burke

“Perfect way to start on my journey”

I did not grow up in a church or even go to church much aside from the occasional service when the grandparents came to town. With that in mind, I found Alpha to be exactly what I needed. Alpha was inviting, fun, chock-full of information, and just what I needed as my first introduction to religion. I felt supported without feeling forced or overwhelmed, which was a very calming feeling as I often have a lot of anxiety when I explore things I’m new to. Alpha was truly a perfect way to start on my journey of knowing Christ.

~ Christopher Davis

“God moved in my heart every week”

I learned of Alpha and saw it as my opportunity to approach Christianity fresh to see if it resonated with me. Sure enough, God moved in my heart every week. One session the video explained that many people think you need understanding in order to have faith, but really, you need faith in order to understand. I had assumed I needed to figure out my doubts and questions before finding God, but a small step of faith was all that was needed on my part in order for God to reveal His truth and help me understand.

On the Alpha retreat, we were asked to visualize our hearts as a garden. I saw that mine was empty dirt, fertile soil containing seeds ready to be watered and tended. I realized that the weeds - the doubts and fears that had littered my soul since childhood - were gone. The Lord had taken them from me, and I felt at peace.

~ Beth Brinley

If any of these testimonials resonate with you, we’d love to see you at Alpha. Join us at 6pm on September 13, 2017 at Church of the Resurrection. Let us know you’re coming by signing up here. We can’t wait to see you!

Alpha is Growing Up and Moving Out

August 02, 2017

For the past two years we’ve been running Alpha courses within the walls of our church building. Alpha has proven to be an effective way to introduce people to Jesus in a fun and non-threatening setting. Each night is kind of an epic production with fresh flowers on the tables and delicious home-cooked meals and a great team of leaders. But since Alpha can also be very simple to run, we’ve been searching for and praying about new venues to bring Alpha outside our church walls. God has heard our prayers!

This fall we are launching two more Alpha courses—while we continue our Wednesday night Alpha right here. First, a few months ago, Joel Girard, a Greenhouse missionary and church planter who serves at the College of DuPage (COD), approached me and asked, “How can our ministry partner together all of you at Church of the Resurrection?” I had a quick reply: “Run Alpha at COD and we’ll help with training and food.” Joel prayed about it and said yes. So during the last week of August we will launch our first COD Alpha. We’re planning to offer the course over the lunch hour so we can draw the maximum number of students.

This fall we’re also launching our first Alpha in a jail. Mary Ann D’Onofrio, the chaplain for JUST DuPage, had been praying for two years that a church that would come and help her run an Alpha onsite at the DuPage County Jail. I guess God connected our prayers about running an Alpha and her prayer about hosting an Alpha. So in October we will start this new Alpha on Sunday evenings from 7:30-9:00 pm. We’ll pilot Alpha on the men’s side of the jail with the hope of adding another course this winter on the women’s side. 

Please pray our three Alpha teams of very committed leaders. Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw people to Jesus. And if you’re interested in helping out in any way, please let me know.

Matt Woodley
Mission Pastor
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