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Meet Our New Children's Pastor!

June 11, 2019

A Welcome from Kevin Sheehan

We are excited to announce that we are adding a new member to our Pastoral team at Resurrection. Beginning June 24, Kevin Sheehan will join our staff as our Children's Pastor. Outgoing Children's Pastor Carole Seid and the rest of the team are thrilled to see RezKids vision and oversight being passed on to such a strong and pastorally-gifted leader.

Kevin and his wife Kristen are long-time Rez members with a true heart for ministry, especially to young worshipers! You can welcome Kevin to this new position this Sunday at Resurrection, and read more of the Sheehan's story below. 

My first experience with Resurrection’s children’s ministry came in 2015 when Sarah Graham asked me if I would be willing to volunteer as a summer shepherd in RezKids. Being an expectant father, I was eager for more experience caring for young children, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. I quickly realized that RezKids wasn’t at all what I had come to expect from a children’s ministry. First, it was clear that this was not just a program to keep kids busy so that their parents could worship. All of the leaders and volunteers served with the conviction that each of our children are themselves young worshipers capable of fully engaging the living God. Second, I had not expected to feel so well-supported in my role. I felt free to show up on Sunday and be truly present with the children I was shepherding. At the time, I was in seminary at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and I knew that if God called me to be a pastor someday, I wanted my children’s ministry to be just like this one. Imagine my surprise and delight that four years later, God has opened the door for me to lead this very ministry as Children’s Pastor! It is a joy and an honor to build on the solid ministry foundation set by Carole and her predecessors.

Though I’ve been involved in various forms of lay ministry leadership for the past 12 years, this transition into full time pastoral ministry marks an exciting new chapter for my family and me. It will be difficult to leave the technology team with whom I have been serving at Wheaton College, but I couldn’t ask for a better team to join than the staff at Resurrection. I am especially grateful for the loving support of my wife Kristen who is herself deeply invested in the lives of children as a first-grade teacher at Naperville Christian Academy. Some of you may know us better as the parents of our two energetic daughters Evelyn (3) and Olivia (1). They are two of my most compelling reasons (next to the call of Jesus in Scripture) for caring deeply about the formation of young worshipers. My prayer is that God will grant me the strength and wisdom to equip Resurrection's mothers and fathers (both biological and spiritual) for the important work of raising our children in the love of Christ.

I look forward to our ministry partnership in this next season!


Introducing our New Children's Pastor

July 10, 2016

Dear Resurrection,

Steve Williamson:
On Sunday, we announced that we have hired long-time member Carole Seid as our new Children’s Pastor. We are so excited to welcome Carole onto our pastoral team.

When we were searching for our new Children’s Pastor, we were looking for someone who not only loved children, but could shepherd our families. Our Children’s Pastor is also responsible for a large volunteer team, many of whom are young adults. During our months of search, we were seeking someone with the gifts to equip all of these groups—parents, children, and volunteers—for transformation in their own lives and the lives of our families.

I am thrilled that Carole is bringing multigenerational pastoral gifts to this role. A passionate educator, she has taught in preschool, elementary, and junior high classrooms in both public and Christian schools. Her gift for pastoring families blossomed in her educational consulting business, where she counseled and coached parents exploring or implementing homeschooling. For thirty years, Carole instructed thousands of families at conventions and seminars and consulted with individuals. More recently, she also became certified as a Christian life coach, often mentoring young adults.

Beyond her clear pastoral gifts, I have also been incredibly impressed with Carole’s integrity throughout the hiring process. Carole’s background includes the difficult journey she has walked in her marriage. She recently shared the intimate and beautiful story of how she and her son, J.J., have walked the hard road of abandonment and separation from her husband in a letter she released through her private practice. Carole's honesty and Christian character shine through her story, which you can find online here.

Many of our clergy and pastoral leaders have been pastorally close to Carole for the past several years and are well acquainted with her incredible gifts, her character, and her beautiful testimony. We are thrilled to welcome Carole on staff as our Children’s Pastor.

I have asked Carole to share more below about her background.

Carole Seid: 
Becoming Resurrection’s Children’s Pastor is the culmination of all of my passions. God has imparted in me a deep love for children. I am passionate about creating environments that spark learning for children of all ages.

When I consider my vision for the children at Resurrection, there are three main facets. First, I want to intentionally lead our team in the discipleship of our children to be the next leaders of our church. Second, I want to equip parents in their role as primary spiritual leaders in their children’s lives. Finally, I am so excited for the opportunity to love and support our volunteers, who serve faithfully every week.

My work over the past thirty years has focused on equipping not only parents, but anyone who works with children. I have always sought to support teachers and families and help them make informed educational decisions. While my primary audience has been families of homeschool children, I have done extensive work with families who send their children to public and private schools. In my role as Children’s Pastor, I will support all our parents as they seek to make the choices they believe are best for their children. While I will likely offer occasional Saturday seminars and limited consulting appointments, I am fully embracing this new season as a full-time Children’s Pastor.

I am humbled by the trust that our church family is placing in me. I covet your prayers that I can represent Christ well to our families.

Steve Williamson: 
We are excited for Carole to begin serving our families this Sunday, July 17. Families should look for an opportunity in the future for a meet-and-greet with Carole as the fall approaches. Carole can be reached at her staff email address,

As always, If you have any questions about this hiring process, feel free to reach out to me at


Steve Williamson, Executive Pastor of Staff and Worship
Carole Seid, Children’s Pastor

Steve Williamson
Deacon, Sr. Executive Pastor
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