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Prayer100 Stories

February 24, 2015

"I walked into the chapel and was blessed by everything that people had done to prepare the chapel for prayer. Against the Western Wall I read all those prayer requests, and it brought out such a sense of compassion and such a sense of connection to my brothers and sisters—that they would be so brave to reveal these prayer requests (some very personal, intimate things), and that God would trust me to pray for them. I was in tears that whole first hour of Prayer100."

—Sandy Sticha

"I'm not a particularly prayerful person, so I saw Prayer100 as an opportunity to try to be more prayerful. The first week we decided we'd like to pray during the 3-4 am hour, 5 days in a row, which is kind of crazy. You're really not thinking about anything except God: all your work and everything you're worried about kind of falls by the wayside."

—John Group

"As I've been a student at Wheaton, I've found myself getting really, really busy, and these 100 days devoted to prayer was just what I needed to pursue God. Whenever I entered the prayer room, I was overwhelmed by God's presence. I came in feeling unworthy to experience something like that, but His grace was more than abundant. And whenever I would place my hands on the wall that had the maps, God would give me a heart for those nations that I couldn't conjure up myself."

—Destiney Kooiman

"I loved my time in the chapel during Prayer 100. I brought my kids and was deeply touched by witnessing my kids do whatever they were led to do in that sacred space. I was grateful to be a part of a church that values prayer, and for my kids to see there was more than one way to pray and worship."

—Aimee Fritz

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Prayer100 Day 50 Update

March 02, 2014

Today, March 2nd, marks the 50th day of Prayer100, and I just wanted to thank you for signing up and praying during these first 50 days. We could not have made it this far without your commitment and sacrificial giving of time.

From the start, we knew that 100 days of 24/7 prayer would be stretching and challenging for us a church, but we felt that the Lord was calling us on this journey, and we stepped out in faith and obedience. When we chose the theme of "Thy Kingdom Come," our prayer was for the kingdom of heaven to invade our church family, our city, our nation and our world—God's will on earth, as it is in heaven.

Testimonies of answered prayers, spiritual break-throughs, prophetic words, and times of sweet fellowship in the presence of the Lord have been coming back to us, and we want to keep Prayer100's momentum going and finish the race well. Please continue tokeep an eye on our schedule, sign up for prayer slots, and invite friends, co-workers, fellow students, ministry partners, and other churches to join us in prayer. Send us your prayer room stories at or post them on social media with the hashtag #prayer100.

About 25% of Resurrection's members have signed up for prayer—we would love to see at least 80% of our members pray for at least one hour-long slot. We would also be overjoyed to host many brothers and sisters in Christ from the Wheaton area and around the world in prayer in All Saints Prayer Chapel. (One visitor thanked us for "prayer hospitality"—what a wonderful concept!) Consider encouraging family and friends to incorporate Prayer100 into their Lenten activities. Your prayers and promotion of Prayer100 will ensure a strong finish on Easter Sunday!

Thank you for your help, your support, and your vision that is making Prayer100 such an impactful and formative experience for our church.

See you in the prayer room!

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