Matt Woodley

Mission Pastor

After pastoring churches in Minnesota and Long Island, Matt started working for Christianity Today as the managing editor of Matt is passionate about encouraging and equipping preachers across racial and ethnic lines. He’s also written a few books, including "God With Us: The Gospel of Matthew" and "The Folly of Prayer." He moved to the Chicago area on October 1st, 2010 and started attending Resurrection on October 3rd, 2010. (He’s not big on “church shopping.”)

Matt has four very fascinating kids—Bonnie (and Trevor) McMaken, Mathew (and Tammy), JonMichael, and Wesley—who love music, medicine, paintball, and soccer (among a few other things). He loves watching soccer, hiking through local nature preserves, making soup, and trying to finagle ways to get not-your-typical-American food.

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