Church of the Resurrection

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February 17

Formerly called Restarting, this twelve-week class focuses on building a secure attachment to God so that you are better equipped to receive inner healing, develop life-giving relationships, and build a joy-filled life.

The Connecting with God class seeks to build relational connections with Jesus and others as a means to recover from spiritual dryness, painful attachments, weakened relationships, codependency, trauma, and repetitive or addictive patterns that hurt us and others. This class offers hope for those who have tried other approaches and still feel hurt, alone, or ashamed of their struggles. 

For more details about the course please contact Cecilia Whitacre at

“[These classes] taught me the essentials of relationship -- what it means to be relational with God and others ... how to return to joy from negative emotions, and using appreciation and appreciation stories to establish a connection with God and others. All of these things have greatly impacted how I now see my children and how I interact with them. I can also use what I've learned in relating to children in my ministry.” -Beth