Church of the Resurrection


Church of the Resurrection is blessed with a rich heritage in the “Three Streams" of Liturgical, Evangelical, and Charismatic faith. Throughout our history, we've celebrated God's transforming work to heal and save. We are unashamed to need Jesus; we have learned through many challenges to admit our mistakes and rely on God through prayer and fasting. Resurrection is committed to the ancient practices of the Great Tradition Church as well as our future as a young, growing, and energetic congregation.

How We Got Here:

  • Palm Sunday 1954 – Trinity Episcopal Church in Wheaton plants Church of the Resurrection, lead by Fr. Richard Winkler. Throughout the 1950s and 60s, Fr. Winkler becomes a significant figure in the charismatic renewal.
  • 1987 – Fr. William Beasley becomes rector, leads Resurrection into a season of worship and growth.
  • 1995 – We hold our first service at Glenbard West High School, where we remain for 18 years.
  • 1999 – Fr. Stewart Ruch, III becomes rector, commits to “build the church on prayer and fasting."
  • 2006 – We take a step of faith and launch a second Sunday morning service.
  • November 2010 – A Resurrection member finds the former Alcoa building on Union Street in Wheaton and buys it at an auction.
  • 2010 – We celebrate\ 30 conversions and 153 new members.
  • 2011 – A record 1500 people attend our Easter Vigil in Edman Chapel at Wheaton College.
  • May 2011 – We purchase and own a building for the first time in our church history.
  • July 2012 - We become a part of the Anglican Church in North America and currently work with many other midwestern churches to form a midwest diocese.
  • December 2012 - Building was consecrated by Bishop Frank Lyons on behalf of Archbishop Robert Duncan
  • April 2013 - Twenty-nine congregations with an accumulated ASA of 2500 came together at the Convening Convention to officially sign a document of agreement to form the Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest.
  • June 2013 - The ACNA College of Bishops approves the Diocese of the Upper Midwest as a new diocese, and the College elected Fr. Stewart Ruch III as bishop of the new Diocese of the Upper Midwest
  • September 2013 - Rev. Stewart Ruch III is consecrated Bishop
  • October 2015 - The Diocese of the Upper Midwest's Diocesan Assembly delegates approved Church of the Resurrection as the Cathedral Church of the Diocese