Church of the Resurrection


Resurrection is pleased to host classes based on the Connexus curriculum, a program developed by Life Model Works. The classes all include the following:

  • Video content based on brain science that provides an understanding of how our past may impact the present
  • Individual and small group experiential exercises that help retrain the brain to…
    • Experience joy
    • Increase relational capacity
    • Handle intense emotions
  • Opportunities to interact with Jesus in healing and life-giving ways (Immanuel Prayer model)

The three Connexus courses are titled Restarting, Forming, and Belonging.

Contact Class Facilitator Cecilia Whitacre with any questions you may have;

We are excited to be offering one course in the Fall of 2018:

1. Belonging: This 9-week course incorporates relational brain skills, the latest neuroscience and Scripture to create a unique environment for growth and maturity in community. Come and build a stronger relationship with God and others and learn what Belonging is all about! Belonging is the second class in the Connexus series and is designed to follow either Forming or Restarting. It isn't often that we offer this course, so don't miss out! Sign up.