Church of the Resurrection

Advent Gift

Church of the Resurrection has chosen the season of Advent to give our time and our resources to one of our local mission ministries. Just as God reached down to us in love during this season, we want to extend love to others.

Last Advent, we reached out to local women facing unplanned pregnancies in partnership with Caring Network.

Our support took two forms:

1. Baby Bundles

A Baby Bundle contains contains many of the items necessary to care for a baby in his or her first two years. Items included car seats, monitors, clothing, diapers, formula, etc.

2. Serving with Caring Network

Caring Network serves more than 1,000 women facing unplanned pregnancies in DuPage County and surrounding areas. They provide practical help, emotional support, and spiritual counseling. There's still an opportunity to serve these women; check out the volunteer possibilities on Caring Network's website:

Why Caring Network?

For many women, unplanned pregnancies carry emotional burdens, family pressures, relationship complications, and financial/medical concerns. Many believe that the only viable answer to these concerns is abortion. In fact, each year, almost 2,000 abortions occur in DuPage County alone. Through counseling, support, and practical help, Caring Network provides these women with an alternative to abortion. 

Last Advent, we participated in the practical support of these women and their babies. Three out of four women who visit Caring Network ultimately choose life for their baby. May our gifts help women in DuPage County choose life!

For more information about how you can invest in these women’s lives, visit our ministry partner’s website:

Questions? Contact Pastoral Resident Chad Magnuson at

Chad Magnuson
Church Planting Resident
Matt Woodley
Mission Pastor