Church of the Resurrection

Advent Gift History

Church of the Resurrection has chosen the season of Advent to give our time and our resources to one of our local mission ministries. Just as God reached down to love us in this season, we want to reach out to love others. 

2017: World Relief

We had the opportunity to partner with World Relief once again. See 2014 below for more information.

2016: Replanted

Our Replanted ministry serves adoptive, foster, and safe families. In 2016, we recruited volunteers to care for Replanted kids during a Parents' Night Out, and we collected gift baskets for parents to have a date-night. We also collected sensory processing items for kids with trauma and special needs. Learn more about Replanted on their website.

2015: New Name

In 2015 we supported a ministry for women who have been trafficked or are involved in prostitution by creating dozens of gift bags that our team has been distributing during their regular outreach to local spas. Read about the team's experience serving these women here. To learn more about the ministry of New Name visit

2014: World Relief

For our first Advent gift, we partnered with World Relief to create a Good Neighbor Team, which focuses on helping orient newly arrived refugees to life in DuPage County. We also assembled several Good Neighbor Kits that were used to outfit apartments for these newly arrived families. Click here to learn more about why we care about refugees.