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Local Mission Values

January 04, 2015

Our commitment to compassion ministries in our local community is based on three core values: relationships, development, and partnerships. Here's a model for how we're approaching our ministries with the poor and marginalized:

We value face-to-face relationships with the poor in our midst, rather than just doing things for them. We will pursue friendships based on mutual brokenness, mutual respect, and mutual giftedness, rather than focusing on completing projects for the poor.

We value development rather than just relief work. Relief work usually meets urgent and short-term needs. Development focuses on forging long-term relationships that build people up so they can find their God-given dignity and capacities.

We value partnerships with Gospel-centered churches and ministries that are already effectively showing Christ's compassion in specific settings. We will enter compassion ministries in our community as teachable learners rather than experts.